About Kiran Singh

I am Kiran! I am a Lifestyle &  Mindfulness Coach, Podcast Host, Author of an Amazon #1 Bestseller and an Interior Designer. Throughout my life and my career, I have constantly examined myself, reinvented myself, and built myself into a woman I am incredibly proud of today – and it is truly an ongoing process. My knowledge, experience and life lessons over time, the obstacles and life challenges I’ve naturally encountered and mastered, are the gifts that I share as an older, wiser and more humble (if I can say so myself) Coach. I’ve transformed my life and gone from feeling overwhelmed, cluttered and confused about living to a curated life filled with purpose and joy. More about me here >

I believe Coaching should be available to everyone, so through my Podcast and Journal, this is exactly what you’ll find me doing – being your Personal Coach and Mentor.

I am passionate about…

Slow, Simple, Intentional & Seasonal Living AND helping women in their 40’s reinventing themselves and rebooting their lives! I believe that our 40’s is a great time to slow down, re-explore our values, create a clear vision, step into greater purpose and fulfil those deferred or unspoken dreams – by re-organising, re-assessing, and re-defining our lives. Truth be told, 40+ is simply just code for saying that our lives are just beginning ♡

Question for you...

What Kind of Woman do You Want to Be?

Slow, Simple, Intentional & Seasonal Living

What Kind of Woman do You Want to Be?

If you have been following me, you know I am all about ‘Living a Well-Designed Life – Consciously, Intentionally & Wholeheartedly‘ and that ‘You are in Charge of Your Life!‘. I am passionate about inspiring, empowering and motivating women to be the Designer of their […]

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