About Kiran Singh


I am a certified Lifestyle Coach, Mindfulness Coach, Law of Attraction Coach and Confidence Coach. I work with women in their 40’s who wants to reinvent themselves and reboot their lives! You see, more and more women, just like you, are waking up to the realisation that a good life is one that is more mindful.

Why should you live a lifestyle that means you’re constantly juggling multiple balls, trying to keep everyone happy and not spending the time on what really matters – YOU.

I believe that our 40’s is a great time to re-explore our values, create a clear vision, step into greater purpose and fulfil those deferred or unspoken dreams – by re-organising, re-assessing, and re-defining our lives.

It’s my personal vision to help women in their #BlissfulForties to be grateful for what they have and to be mindful of what they can become.

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So…Are you ready for more excitement, clarity, and momentum in your life?!

Whether you’re craving a more meaningful life, seeking accountability, or looking to experience transformation, there is a coaching option that’s perfect for you.