Deciding where I want to put my energy into in 2019

Deciding where I want to put my energy into…

So we are now a bit over 3 weeks into 2019 and I am slowly, but surely getting back to ”’normal’. This has had me thinking about doing something different this year alongside my goals and visions – and that is to decide where I want to put my energy into in 2019.

These are the things to help focus my energy into positivity rather than negativity to help lead a happier life:

Health & Nutrition

For the last couple of years, I have no doubt changed the way I see and consume food. Not only have I changed my diet and eat way healthier than I ever have, but I also did a course in Nutrition, Superfoods and Wellbeing to up my knowledge and make better decisions for when it comes to what we put into our bodies on a daily basis. Oh… and I am really thinking of rejoining the gym – the gym is opening at a new location and will have a sauna (!) which is something I have really been longing for.

Deciding where I want to put my energy into in 2019

Fashion & Beauty

Over the years, have kind of let myself go. I don’t nearly as much effort as should do when it comes to my appearance. I’ve got a wardrobe full of seasonal clothes (capsule wardrobe style) that I love (I even invested in blush velvet hangers!) plus a beautiful (minimal) collection of make-up and skincare. I just need to be better at using all my beautiful things every day!

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Deciding where I want to put my energy into in 2019

Connect with Nature

Nothing puts life into perspective more than being disconnected and watching nature. The more I do it, the more I love and appreciate it. Walking in the woods, watching the birds, and listening to the sounds of Mother Nature is pure bliss and not to forget therapeutic.

Expand my knowledge

I want to get into the habit of listening to my favourite podcasts daily and read one book a week – that’s doable, right?

Do more of what makes me come and feel alive

I want to do more of what makes me happy, come and feel alive. And  can assure you these are very simple things; long walks, watch Sex & the City, cook & eat, give my home TLC, go to the movies, read, listen to music, a cup of tea with clotted ream shortbreads, bake a cake, de-clutter and organise – the list is endless.

Deciding where I want to put my energy into in 2019

A goal of mine in 2019 is to just stop the bad habits and create new healthy habits.

What are the things you plan to put more of your energy into in 2019?

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