My name is Kiran Singh and am a Multi-Award Winning Entrepreneur. I am a Life Coach at Design the Lifestyle YOU Desire, an Author and Interior Designer at STUDIO KIRAN SINGH, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Vivacious MumMy Unique Home, Passion for Food and Paris & I. I run a local support group for single parents through Gingerbread and am an Expert at The Women's Room

My mission is to help Mums envision, create & design the life they really want. My vision is that my message will remind you daily to be grateful for what you have but mindful of what you can become. Life’s challenges come in all sizes, shapes and colours. You already possess the inner strength to deal with any situation. 


My Mission statement: To guide, empower and encourage women to honour their inner strength and celebrate their unique, personal path through life.

To keep up with my daily happenings and connect with me, you can find me on FacebookGoogle+TwitterInstagram and Pinterest. I look forward to interacting with you all!