‘Live a Well-Designed Life with Kiran’ Podcast


‘Live a Well-Designed Life with Kiran’ is a podcast for women in their #BlissfulForties who wants to live more Consciously, Intentionally and Wholeheartedly! It’s about guiding you to become more fully of who you truly are, about tuning into your true passions and desires, about rediscovering the beauty of life and experiencing pleasure in everything you do.

It’s a reminder about focusing on embracing and living your life to the fullest, following your own agenda, cultivating your actual self –  to feel alive and enjoy everything life has to offer. Here, you’ll find practical advice with actionable steps that you can apply right away.

You can listen to the Podcast Show on SoundCloud, iTunes, TuneIn, Spotify and Stitcher. So grab your cup of tea, get comfy and get ready to be inspired ♡